Investing in knowledge & quality

We invest heavily in the development of new products that perform as promised (increase in efficiency) and are easy to use.

In recent years, we have developed several new (foliar) fertilisers which have more than proven themselves in practice. As product development takes three to five years, innovation is an on-going process at our company, and is considered vital because we want to continue to offer our customers the best products in the future.

We always make sure that our products meet the basic conditions at all times, including legislation and regulations, guaranteed contents, shelf life, and stability.

We trial all new products extensively on different crops in our innovation and test centre. If all trials in the test centre have proceeded as planned, we trial the product in the field. Together with recognised test stations and national and international distributors, we perform numerous official and demonstration trials to prove the effectiveness of our products in real-life conditions. We run trials on the most diverse crops, such as potatoes, sugar beets, cereals, onions, strawberries, arboriculture and ornamental crops. Our production processes comply with ISO protocols.

See the video below for a short tour of our testing facility. For subtitles click on the icon at the bottom of the video.

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