About the origins of Soiltech

Together with four branches of Van Iersel Compost, Soiltech is part of the Van Iersel Holding. The holding has existed since 1947, when a tractor was purchased with help from the Marshall Plan just after World War II. Now, this family business is already run by the third generation of Van Iersel. At our sister company Van Iersel Compost, various types of high-quality compost and soil improvers are produced to revitalise soils.

As arable and horticulture faced some major challenges, where, according to Van Iersel, well-formulated fertilisers could provide a solution, Soiltech was founded in 2005 with the aim of offering those solutions.

The name Soiltech was chosen because we initially looked in the soil to optimise crop yield and quality. Over the years, we found out that many soils are not easy to get right and that crops can also absorb nutrients extremely efficiently via foliar fertilisers and biostimulants, if these are properly formulated and applied at the right times in the crop. By doing so, you can really make a big difference in yield and quality. The Soiltech name was already very well known, so we chose to keep it.

Because of our geographical location, regional growers mainly used our Soiltech products in arboriculture and strawberry growing. We are still very active in these markets. Over the years, we have increasingly turned our attention to open-field and glasshouse vegetable growing, at national level. And since 2015, we have been developing and producing products for field crops such as potatoes, sugar beet and cereals, in a business with an international reach.

Agriculture and horticulture in Western Europe is a highly productive market. Contractors impose strict requirements on crop quality, so growers are constantly on the lookout for (technological) improvements to production processes. Soiltech can and wants to make its contribution to these improvements.

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