Maximise the potential of your crop with Soiltech

Soiltech is a company with ambition! We are specialists in the development, production and marketing of foliar nutrition products
and biostimulants for the professional market.

The requirements for food production are getting more and more strict. Therefore, professional growers are continuously looking for (technological) improvements of the cultivation process. Soiltech can and wants to contribute to this. Every day, we are busy unravelling the secrets of various processes in plants: which substances and/or factors influence the eventual crop yield? We develop and produce our products on the basis of thorough trials, taking place in our own R&D Centre and at independent external trial stations, and the insights gained from these trials. Soiltech's products enable growers to cultivate the most vital and strong crops possible and to optimize their yields.

Our R&D department works intensively on developing and testing foliar nutrition products and biostimulants. During development, the focus is on the ease of use of the products and on increasing crop yields, so that our distributors and end users can be confident that the product does what we promise.

Our drive

We are facing enormous challenges. We hear it almost daily on the news: the world population is growing, climate is changing, nitrogen problems, changing agriculture, new regulations. In this context, we want to help agricultural and horticultural companies to maximize their yields in a sustainable manner.

Typical of Soiltech are our creativity and our drive; we are always looking for new solutions and ideas and think about them thoroughly. In doing so, we go beyond the existing paths. We see the growth potential in crops that is still not being fully exploited. In doing so, we have rock-solid confidence in our abilities. The bar is set high. We continuously strive to contribute to the success of our customers.

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