It is important here that the plant is strong and healthy enough to adapt to the changing conditions. The establishment stage is a critical period which has a significant impact on the cultivation process.

What slows down the establishment of plants?

There are various factors which can impede the establishment of propagating material. The, often damaged, roots immediately want to find water and minerals to make optimal recovery possible, and these must be available in abundance. In warm and dry periods, when the soil moisture is not sufficient for the plant, it is more difficult for a plant to take up sufficient nutrients and there is a risk of suberisation of the roots. A soil that is too wet, however, gives the risk of an oxygen deficiency, which impairs the root function and can cause the roots to die. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to pay extra attention to creating the right growth conditions.

What stimulates the establishment of plants?

The quality of the root system is an important factor that contributes to whether a young plant establishes or not. A finely branched, compact root system in combination with a well-prepared substrate/soil (a good balance between water and air in soil pores, sufficient organic material, an optimal mineral balance and good soil life) give the best guarantee of rapid growth.

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