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Optima Root is a special combination of nutrients, various biostimulants and trace elements that stimulate root growth and shoot development.

Function of the (nutrient) substances in Optima Root

Seaweeds are naturally rich in alginates and complex sugars, which makes them resistant to the extreme conditions of the sea. Optima Root thus supports crops during periods of stress.

The humic acids in Optima Root ensure that nutrients are better absorbed.

The nutrients in Optima Root are very important for root development. By applying Optima Root, you provide optimum support for root growth.


  • Broad spectrum nutrition
  • Improves root growth
  • Verbessert die W├╝rzelentwicklung.
  • Stimulates shoot growth

Nitrogen (N) total

44 g/L

Nitrogen (N) ureic

19 g/L

Nitrogen (N) organic**

11 g/L

Nitrogen (N) ammoniacal

14 g/L

Phosphate (P2O5)*

73 g/L

Potassium (K2O)*

61 g/L

Boron (B)*

0,12 g/L

Zinc (Zn)*

0,22 g/L

Humic acid

2,1 g/L

Fulvic acid

0,9 g/L

Specific gravity

1,18 kg/L


7 - 8


Brown liquid

* = soluble in water

* = Organic nitrogen is obtained by hydrolysis of fish meal and vegetable proteins


Available in 17.5 and 1,000 litre containers.

Application rates

Soil application

Tree nursery, vineyards and (small) fruits - At planting / root formation:
10 liter per hectare.
2-4x per year.

Lawn and pasture - At planting / root formation:
10 liter per hectare.
1x per year.

Forestry and plant nursery - At planting / root formation:
7-10 liter per hectare.

1-14x per year.

Ornamental crops - At planting / root formation:
10 liter per hectare.
1-14x per year.

Vegetables and strawberries - At planting / root formation:
7-10 liter per hectare.
1-8x per year.

Application through fertigation system

  • Stock solution: diluted at 1/1, (50% water with 50% Optima Root)
  • Dosing pump adjustment at 1%
  • The application must be given immediately (within 12 hours)
Instructions for use
  • Shake or stir well before use.
  • Store frost free, indoors in a dark place. The product may crystallise at too cold temperatures (< 5 oC).
  • Due to residue formation, avoid foliar applications on visually attractive crops immediately prior to harvesting.
  • Not compatible with liquid calcium based products.
  • Never mix pure products together.
  • Optima Root is best applied early in the morning or in the evening to avoid strong sunlight. This minimises the risk of crop damage due to leaf burn. If the crop stays wet for longer, the nutrient uptake is improved. We recommend carrying out a trial application on a small area first, before applying to the entire plot.
  • This product has a shelf life of 3 years from the moment of production. The shelf life of the product is stated on the label. Opening the packaging in the meantime has no influence on this. As long as the guidelines for storage are followed the expiry date (BB) on the label is leading.
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