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The unique advantages of Optima foliar nutrition

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Optima Leaf products stand out because the nutrient elements are complexed with a biodegradable organic complexing agent. As a result, the leaf absorbs the nutrients much more efficiently and without damage. This is in contrast to traditional products that often contain harmful salts or over-concentration of nutritional elements. The formulation technology of Optima Leaf products ensures that the optimum nutritional effect is achieved with smaller amounts of nutrients, in plant-friendly doses. Thanks to the complexation, Optima products in the tank mix combine perfectly with most other substances.

Good application properties are an important consideration. All Optima products are easy to dose and pour out. They dissolve quickly and completely in the tank.
Most Optima Leaf products have another unique plus. They are enriched with trace elements. This supplement prevents one-sided fertilisation and improves effectiveness. Tests show that this plus contributes to better results time and again.

Optima products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They therefore score high on sustainability. They have proven added value in practice, ensuring better quality and more yield!

In the video below, we put it all together.

How does organic complexation work? Find it out in this short video.

Most metal ions of the nutrient elements in liquid foliar nutrition, such as copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, have a strong positive charge. This allows them to bind negatively charged particles, like a magnet. Because the surface of the leaf, consists of a negatively charged wax layer and a negatively charged cell wall, these ions encounter a lot of resistance before they can be absorbed.
In addition, the tank mix also often contains molecules with a negative charge. The metal ions can react with these and thus influence the action of these molecules.

When metal ions are organically complexed according to the Soiltech method, they have a neutral charge. They therefore do not react with other molecules in the tank mix and can therefore be safely combined. And they experience minimal resistance to nutrient uptake by the leaf. In this way, leaf nutrition elements are used much more efficiently.

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