Maximise the potential of your crop with Soiltech

Soiltech is an ambitious company! We specialise in developing, producing and marketing speciality fertilisers and biostimulants. The requirements placed on food production are becoming more stringent, so growers are on a continuous search for (technological) improvements in the cultivation process. Soiltech can, and wants, to contribute to this process. Every day we engage on a quest to unlock the secrets of various plant processes: which substances or factors impact on the final yields produced by your crops? Based on our insights, we develop and produce products that enable growers to cultivate crops that are as strong and vital as possible with optimal yields. Our extensive R&D department works intensively on developing and trialling speciality fertilisers and biostimulants. During development, the focus is on the ease of use of the product and boosting the crop yield, so that suppliers and end-users can rely on the product to fulfil our promise.

Our motivation

We are facing an immense challenge. Issues that are almost daily features of the news: the growing world population, which means more food is needed, climate change is continuing and leads to loss of income in agriculture. These trends can cause major problems.

We want to help agricultural and horticultural enterprises maximise their output, to give them the capability to feed the 10 billion people who are expected to populate our planet by 2050. Soiltech is always looking for new solutions and ideas and take the road less travelled to find appropriate answers. Because we see a still underutilised growth potential in crops. The bar has been set high. Our aim is to contribute to the success of our customers.

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