Soiltech Solutions

The soil is the basis

Below you can find the various analyses that Soiltech carries out. In case desired, we can also give a clear fertilisation advice.

Click here to download the soil analysis form.

The soil balance analysis (SBA) is carried out mostly for trees, fruit and vegetables growers. The analysis provides an accurate insight into the ratios of the various main and trace elements in your soil and into your soil’s potential for retaining the nutrients.

A nova bioscan reveals the status of soil life by analysing the numbers and diversity of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes.

A soil nutrients web analysis provides a very detailed insight of the micro life population in your soil and the activity of the various microorganisms.

A chroma analysis provides an impression of the quality and potential of a soil or specific type of compost. It is carried out for example to determine the quality of the organic matter.

A plant sap analysis will enable you to check during the cultivation season whether the nutrients in your plants are in balance and whether there is any need for you to supplement for example foliar fertilisers.

A leaf analysis will provide a survey of the nutrients in your plant.

In case you take a soil sample yourself, make sure you deliver the sample together with a completed soil analysis form. For prices and more information concerning the analyses please contact one of our advisors.