Soiltech Solutions

Tailor-made fertilisation

We can send you a clear and detailed fertilisation advice based on our soil analyses. We will then describe per plot which minerals and biology must be applied and in what quantities, to help you restore the balance in your soil and to optimise its biology for your specific crop. Our advice will indicate the organic matter content and the pH of your soil and also the ratio of the main and trace elements.

A fertilisation plan may comprise different types of compost or compost mixtures. It may also be necessary to mix various minerals into the different types of compost, depending on the needs of the soil and the crop. This tailor-made advice is formulated separately for each individual plot. Besides advice on different types of compost we can also provide advice on how to use fertilisers.

On the basis of the principle that your crop can derive its strength primarily from nature itself, we will advise you to use natural fertilisers where relevant. Experience has shown that such fertilisers can in the long term drastically reduce the use of chemical products. Your crops will be systematically less often affected by pests and diseases, they will be more vital, have a better root system and be more shiny. In the case of edible crops both the keeping quality and the flavour will improve.

You can also appeal to Soiltech for advice about supplementary fertilisation during the cultivation season. All in all we can provide support throughout the entire cultivation period. For clear fertilisation advice please contact one of our advisors.

Please contact one of our advisors in case you need help with the calculation of the fertilisation contributions.