Soiltech Solutions


"The results of Fytaforce were suprisingly positive" 

Tree nursery Ebben - The Netherlands

"Replacing microbiology and biodiversity by chemicals is like cutting off two legs of a chair and replacing it by just one fragile leg"

Tree nursery Splendor Plant - Sweden

"Our trees simply shine with this Fytaforce biofertiliser (compost tea). And thanks to our collaboration with Soiltech, we have achieved a 90% reduction in chemical plant-protection agents”

Tree nursery M van den Oever - The Netherlands

“To our surprise, the roots just kept on growing in October and November!”

Strawberry plant breeding Goossens Flevoplant - The Netherlands

“It's not just the quality and quantity of flowers that are at a higher level here. If there's something amiss with a field, nature restores itself far more quickly with Soiltech products”

Strawberry nursery Van Beerendonk - The Netherlands

"Soiltech understands the challenges in agriculture and horticulture, and looks for structural, sustainable solutions"

Organic vegetable grower Bioverbeek - The Netherlands

“I used to be able to deliver 80 to 85%. Now it’s 99%, and it’s of a higher quality grade too”

Vegetable grower Sjef Buijnsters - The Netherlands

"When it comes to Fytaforce biofertilisers (compost tea), Soiltech is the Dutch supplier”

Sustainable tree cultivation Johan van Overbeek - The Netherlands