Soiltech Solutions

Research and development

Soiltech continuously invests in developments. Our Fytaforce® biofertiliser, a liquid compost extract rich of microorganisms, as well as our NTS products are constantly tested in fieldtrials and developed accordingly.

Throughout its production, Fytaforce is continuously analysed on the absence of human pathogens, the amount of microorganisms and its degree of biodiversity. This is done by using standard microscopic and plating methods, but also by using various highly advanced techniques, like metagenomic sequencing and qPCR (analyses based on DNA).

In the past there was no other possibility than to brew compost tea yourself (nowadays called: BoosT biofertiliser). Now there is also a more advanced, ready-to-use form available (called Fytaforce biofertiliser). Throughout the years this last type of biofertiliser is developed in specific varieties for foliar and soil application. These varieties contain (naturally occuring) microorganisms, which are best suited for a foliar or soil environment.

Soiltech’s biofertilisers are produced according the ISO 22000 standard. This makes Soiltech the only producer in the Netherlands (and to our knowledge even in the whole world) supplying a biofertiliser which meets food-safety requirements for use in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables.

Eight employees are working within the R&D Team of Soiltech. Together with different companies and universities (amongst which Wageningen UR (University and Research Centre)) they work on the development programme of Soiltech.

Soiltech is market leader with Fytaforce in the biofertiliser market. We invest in development of microbial products out of a broad consortium of beneficial microorganisms. The upcoming years Soiltech wants to introduce new products which make agriculture sustainable and completely independent from agro chemicals.

For any questions about our products, please contact one of our advisors.