Soiltech Solutions


Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS) specialises in the relationship between soil health and human health. The Australian company is the global leader in the production of and trade in sustainable cultivation products such as mineral fertilisers, humates and liquid fertilisers. NTS exports more than 300 products to over 40 countries worldwide. Soiltech is the distributor and licensed manufacturer of NTS’s products in Western Europe.

Van Iersel Compost is a sister company of Soiltech and one of the most pioneering and innovative compost producers in the Netherlands. Besides processing green waste, Van Iersel also provides high-quality compost products and biomass for generating energy. Van Iersel moreover specialises in tailor-made compost mixtures composed on the basis of individual soil analyses. The company differs from other companies active in this field in its great knowledge of soil biology and soil mineral management and its ability to compose compost mixtures tailor-made to meet specific soil and crop requirements.

Fytaforce™ can be transported (optionally refrigerated) by Sistrans Logistics.