Soiltech Solutions

Specialist in soil health and plant vitality

Soiltech is the outcome of an inexhaustible curiosity about soil health and ways of realising the most sustainable possible cultivation.

Soiltech forms part of the Van Iersel Holding, a family company that was established in 1947. Van Iersel was originally a contracting firm, and later grew big in the composting sector by becoming involved in cultivation and processing green waste. An interest in customers’ soil problems prompted Van Iersel to focus on the mineral balance of the soil and crops’ needs. It was this interest that led to the establishment of Soiltech.

In 2003 the philosophy that nature largely creates its own strength inspired Soiltech, which was then still called Soil-Tech Solutions, to start carrying out soil analyses, providing fertilisation advice and supplying fertilisers for sustainable cultivation. The company introduced compost tea on the Dutch market and is now the only company capable of supplying this product in accordance with the ISO 22000 standards (so also in a variant that meets all food-safety requirements), under the name of Fytaforce™ biofertiliser (view also research). Soiltech entered into a partnership with NTS, the global leader in the production of and trade in sustainable fertilisers, and became the distributor and licensee of these products.

Soiltech now has a workforce of about 20 employees, whose joint mission is to help you grow your crops in the most sustainable way possible. The company therefore makes constant investments in optimising its products and sharing its knowledge with you.