Soiltech Solutions

Specialty Fertilizers

Soiltech is the outcome of an inexhaustible curiosity about soil health and ways of realising the most sustainable possible cultivation.

Soiltech is the outcome of an inexhaustible curiosity about the optimal nourishment of crops and the route to the highest possible crop yield.
The company is part of the Van Iersel Holding, a family business that dates back to 1947 and which has developed over the last 30 years into a leader in the production of soil improvers and raw materials for the potting soil industry. Out of interest for the most optimal nutrition of crops, Van Iersel has studied soil health and the mineral balance in the soil. As a result, the interest in the more specific nutritional needs of the crop naturally arose. This interest led to the establishment of Soiltech.

Soiltech is strong in the development and production of specialty fertilizers. With a solid R&D department, a lot is invested in the development and testing of specialty fertilizers.

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